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    Anne Rice is known for her vampire books, but she’s written a slew of other supernatural books featuring other things like witches, werewolves and, more relevant to today’s article, a mummy. Per Anne Rice’s bibliography, I was aware of the Vampire Chronicles as well as a few of her other erotic tales that she’d written. […]

    PaxAwesometoberfest bannerThe Mummy - Anne Rice4The Mummy - Anne RiceCTH bannerPaxAwesometoberfest bannerThe Mummy - Anne Rice4The Mummy - Anne RiceCTH banner

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    Back when I did Movie Maniacs in 2012, I reviewed several 80s horror movie novelizations.  They are pretty rare out there in the wild, so it was a treat to be able to cover several of them.  If you’re curious, check out my reviews of Nightmares on Elm Street (Parts 1-3), Friday the 13th Part III and […]

    PaxAwesometoberfest bannerjasonxnovelvlcsnap-00324vlcsnap-00309jason-x-2CTH bannerPaxAwesometoberfest bannerjasonxnovelvlcsnap-00324vlcsnap-00309jason-x-2CTH banner

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    It’s been a while since I’ve done a Baum review, so let’s do this. The illustrator of the first Oz book was WW Denslow.  If you recall, he illustrated only the very first Oz book before John Neill took over in book two and illustrated over 30 Oz books in his career.  Denslow and Baum had […]

    PaxBaum Readalongdot-and-tot1dot-and-tot2dot-and-tot3dot-and-tot4dot-and-tot7dot-and-tot5dot-and-tot6Map of OzPaxBaum Readalongdot-and-tot1dot-and-tot2dot-and-tot3dot-and-tot4dot-and-tot7dot-and-tot5dot-and-tot6Map of Oz

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    Here I go, writing another one of these year end round up articles that I’m shocked to be writing every year. 2017. CRAZY. What a ride 2016 was. Hopefully 2017 will give us a bit of a break. This past year was an interesting year for my book/comics list.  After so many years of logging my […]

    PaxYear End Badass Book Reportairtable_books1PaxYear End Badass Book Reportairtable_books1

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    From time to time I’ll read stuff that isn’t part of the established “Oz canon”, but is directly inspired by Baum’s Oz works or it takes Oz and re-interprets it in an alternate way. The 1985 movie Return to Oz would be an example of this.  Or Gregory Maguire’s Wicked series.  Whenever I read this stuff […]

    Paxinspired_by_ozdorothy_must_die_book_coverdorothy_must_die_book_backWanted: Dorothy1Paxinspired_by_ozdorothy_must_die_book_coverdorothy_must_die_book_backWanted: Dorothy1

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    A week or two ago I reviewed Danielle Paige’s Dorothy Must Die. It’s the first in a series of books that take place several years after the original Wizard of Oz book by Frank Baum.  It reimagines Oz as a place in serious peril where Dorothy has returned but she’s changed.  She’s become obsessed with magic […]

    Paxinspired_by_ozDMD Stories 1No Place Like OzThe Witch Must BurnThe Wizard ReturnsPaxinspired_by_ozDMD Stories 1No Place Like OzThe Witch Must BurnThe Wizard Returns

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    Doing research for ghosts I looked up scariest ghost stories to see what popped up that I want to cover. The name M.R. James kept showing up in lists. He’s a very well respected author from the late 19th-early 20th century.  Most of his work with ghost stories shows up in the early 1900s.  James […]

    PaxAwesometoberfest bannerMR JamesCasting the Runes coverPaxAwesometoberfest bannerMR JamesCasting the Runes cover

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    On Friday I talked about one of my favorite ghost movies, Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners from 1996. Well, as luck would have it, they released a movie novelization for it.  It was written by Michael Jahn.   So, I recorded a very special Halloween episode of I Read Movies all about this novelization. I talk […]

    PaxAwesometoberfest 2017I Read MoviesPaxAwesometoberfest 2017I Read Movies

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    I’ve been a fan of Stephen King since before high school. So when I found out his son, Joe, was writing books, I was initially intrigued but ultimately never sought out the kid’s books.  Then I randomly stumbled upon Horns.  I forget how, but the synopsis intrigued me and I put it on my Amazon […]

    PaxAwesometoberfest 2017PaxAwesometoberfest 2017

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    Normally I do my new Cavalcade Comics cover reveal in the “Greatest Hits” section of AWESOME-tober-fest but the cover I have for today fits the ghostly theme perfectly. Today, the appropriately themed cover I have features The Headless Horseman vs Ghost Rider. I love this battle. Undead flaming skull vs undead flaming skull. Here are […]

    PaxAwesometoberfest 2017Cav Comics #15Headless HorsemanGhost RiderPaxAwesometoberfest 2017Cav Comics #15Headless HorsemanGhost Rider

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    Man, 2017.  That was a RIDE.  Kind of crazy it’s over.  But one good thing we get out of it is another of my semi-famous year end round up articles. My book/movie logs have sort of gone through an upheaval the last two years. Back in 2008-2009ish I first put them up on Google Spreadsheet. […]

    PaxYear End Badass Book ReportBook Log v2PaxYear End Badass Book ReportBook Log v2

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